Accounting Records Management

For accounting records services, we use the outsourcing system. The tool used is the software SAGE 50 - Peachtree, according to the version that merits the client; Among the main versions we have:

-Sage 50 Complete

-Sage 50 Complette - Silver

-Sage 50 Complete Gold

-Sage 50 Complete - Platinum

-Sage 50 Premium / MFG / DIS / CON / NFP

-Sage 50 Premium / MFG / DIS / CON / NFP - Silver

-Sage 50 Premium / MFG / DIS / CON / NFP - Gold

-Sage 50 Premium / MFG / DIS / CON / NFP - Platinum

-Sage 50 Complete Simple Payroll Tax

-Sage 50 Premium / MFG / DIS / CON / NFP Simple Payroll Tax

-Peachtree Quantum Gold

-Peachtree Quantum Silver

-Peachtree Quantum Platinum

The detail of the service is as follows:

1. Creation of the catalog of accounts with codes to identify them;

2. Creation of the customer accounts receivable auxiliary database;

3. Creation of the payables database of suppliers of merchandise and services;

4.Creation of the inventory database of merchandise, in-process and finished products available for sale;

5.Creation of the Cost Center (JOB) database if required

6.Creation of the Payroll database of workers (Payroll) if required.

7. Creation of the database of fixed assets (Fixed Assets) if required;

8.Codification of the documents that originate the accounting records;

9.Registration of checks, invoicing, collections, purchases that originate commercial transactions;

10.Registration of recurring journal entries;

11.Conciliation of bank accounts with bank statements;

12.Registration and updating of official books, Diary and Major General;

13.Registration and reconciliation of the assistants who maintain in the administration of the company of account of shareholders and bank loans versus the official books;

14. Issuance of monthly interim financial statements (Unaudited) for management's use;

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